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Root Canal Therapy – Collegeville, PA

Soothe & Save Your
Achey Teeth


Unlike other dental services, root canal therapy may seem frightening. The truth, however, is that this procedure can do wonders for your smile. In particular, it’s able to relieve a tooth’s aches and even save your pearly white from extraction. You can thus count on Dr. Plasha and the Dental Spot team regarding therapy. As for the treatment’s other details, keep reading or (better yet) book a visit to our office – you won’t regret it!

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Typically, a root canal treats an infected or abscessed tooth. For that reason, you may need one if you show signs of a dental infection. Keep an eye out, then, for the following symptoms:

  • Unfading Tooth Pain – Occasional toothaches are normal, but those that persist for days could stem from an infection.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – If your tooth hurts from, say, hot coffee or ice cream, its blood vessels and nerves may be infected.
  • Tooth Discoloration – When a tooth’s pulp gets infected, it can make the pearly white look darker.
  • Swollen Gums – Amidst a tooth infection, pus can collect in the gums. This scenario can make them puffy, swollen, or tender.
  • Tooth Looseness– An infected tooth may feel looser due to nerve death.

Should you notice any of these things, contact our office immediately. We’ll quickly fit you in for an appointment.

The Root Canal Process

Since a root canal removes infected tooth pulp, it relies on a multi-step process. As such, you can expect specific actions for the procedure.

Firstly, our team will numb your mouth before treatment with local anesthesia. That way, you won’t feel pain or discomfort as Dr. Plasha works. Instead, the most you’ll sense is a slight pressure.

Once you’re properly numb, Dr. Pasha will proceed with the therapy. He’ll start by using special instruments to reach your tooth’s inner chamber and remove its pulp. From there, we’ll sanitize the area and refill it with gutta-percha – a synthetic material that acts as a filling. The therapy will end after the tooth is sealed and protected with a temporary crown.

You’ll return to our office in a few weeks for a permanent crown. Once placed, this prosthetic will fully protect your treated tooth. Your chomper will then be ready to handle your everyday life!

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Despite its notorious reputation, root canal therapy has a lot of perks. The most common of these benefits include:

  • A Saved Natural Tooth – By removing its infected pulp, a root canal saves the affected tooth. That means it prevents the effects of tooth loss and the need for costly replacement options.
  • Pain Relief – Infected pulp can cause pretty severe toothaches. Consequently, root canal therapy’s removing it relieves you of pain.
  • Increased Protection – So long as you care for the crown placed after a root canal, your tooth won’t suffer additional damage.
  • Lifelike Results – In most cases, the crown used for a root canal is discreet. That being the case, your treated tooth won’t highlight its prior damage.